Oasis Wildlife Zoo Visit

Where is it?

  • Fuerteventura


Immerse yourself in a captivating world of wildlife at the Oasis Wildlife Zoo in Fuerteventura, a must-visit destination for the well-traveled and well-read audience who seek extraordinary experiences. With Amazzzing Travel, your trusted luxury travel agent, you can indulge in this enchanting wildlife adventure with exceptional personalized service, making your journey stress-free and unforgettable.

Step into the Oasis Wildlife Zoo and prepare to be mesmerized by the incredible array of exotic animals from around the globe. Set against the backdrop of Fuerteventura's stunning landscapes, this sanctuary provides a unique opportunity to observe and interact with a diverse range of species in a natural and enriching environment.

As you wander through the vast park, you'll encounter majestic big cats, playful primates, magnificent birds, and fascinating reptiles. Witness the grace of a prowling cheetah, the intelligence of a mischievous monkey, and the colorful plumage of tropical birds. The zoo's commitment to animal welfare and conservation is evident in their spacious habitats and expert care, ensuring the well-being of every resident creature.

But the Oasis Wildlife Zoo is more than just a collection of animals. It offers an immersive experience that educates, inspires, and fosters a deep connection with the natural world. Engage in interactive animal encounters and informative presentations led by passionate experts, where you'll learn about the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect these remarkable species. With Amazzzing Travel, you can enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access and private encounters with some of the zoo's most beloved residents, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Take a break from your wildlife exploration and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the lush botanical gardens, where vibrant flora thrives in harmony with the animal habitats. Find tranquility in the serene surroundings, and relish the opportunity to connect with nature on a profound level.

Booking this exceptional wildlife experience with Amazzzing Travel ensures a seamless and personalized journey from start to finish. Their dedicated travel concierge will handle all the arrangements, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Oasis Wildlife Zoo. With Amazzzing Travel, you can explore the park at your own pace, knowing that every detail has been meticulously taken care of.

For the adventure-seeking, well-read audience who appreciates the beauty of nature and wildlife, Amazzzing Travel is your trusted companion. With their exceptional personalized service and attention to detail, you can book with confidence, knowing that your journey will be nothing short of extraordinary. Let Amazzzing Travel be your guide as you embark on a wildlife adventure like no other. Witness the majesty of the animal kingdom, foster a deeper appreciation for our natural world, and create memories that will touch your heart. Your wildlife oasis awaits!

What's included?

  • Photography

What to bring?

  • Comfortable clothes

  • Lots of Enthusiasm

  • Lunch

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Your Own Transportation

Meeting point

Good to know

  • Group size: A group is not needed
  • Duration: Not determined
  • Languages: Spanish English
  • Payment options: Visa PayPal MasterCard


  • Adrenaline Rush

  • Adventure Trail

  • For Animal Lovers


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