Authentic Fuerteventura by Giuseppe Cannavó

Giuseppe Cannavó, man who pohtographer making photo of Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura, the island of eternal sunshine, continues to inspire and amaze travelers from all over the world, visiting the island for varied reasons and seasons. Famous for its white-sandy beaches, its cliffs, the sheltered coves, and the year-round ripping winds, the island has drawn visitors coming to indulge in a relaxing holiday seeking the promise of its unfaltering sun and impeccably pristine sands. However, today more and more travelers are looking for its more authentic experiences and seeking the true beauty of the destination. One such inspired traveler whose eye for beauty has demonstrated the island in its pure essence is the immensely gifted photographer Giuseppe Cannavó.

His images capture Fuerteventura in its absolute raw nature, making you want to not only pack your bags and travel to the island but also seek the untraveled road through his eyes. Fuerteventura Times had the honor of sharing his awe-inspiring photography, which exemplifies the island in its magnanimous vastness. Great beaches and sunny surroundings are indeed easy to find here, but Fuerteventura is much more profound than that. And this profundity is captured beautifully in Giuseppe´s photography, giving the viewer a unique perspective through his images.

When asked about his travel sojourn to the oldest of the Canary Islands- Fuerteventura, Cannavó expresses, “Last February I was in Fuerteventura for my third time and went chasing locations still unknown to the masses. Besides a classic photography walk in the Corralejo dunes, and the swimming and sunbathing at the numerous beaches of the island, my favorite part of the trip was driving through those incredible dry landscapes and crazy rock formations from morning till night. That´s something only Fuerteventura can offer. What can I say about this place, it truly never stops to amaze me”. 

Formed through volcanic eruptions around more than 25 million years ago, Fuerteventura continuous to inspire artists and creative minds visiting the island for its serenity and opportunity for self-reflection. With travel opening up again, we take a look at some of the most defining moments of the island by one such creative mind and authentic travel: Giuseppe Cannavó. 

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